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Yaraslav Klimkouski – Artista

Anno: 09/07/2015 Località: Montecarlo

Yaraslav Klimkouski’s paintings are studies in contrasts. They take the form of “arguments” – struggles between his spiritual side and what he calls the “side of true existence. ” Yaraslav never tries to ignore the darker side of his unconscious mind – he is unafraid to face, express and challenge his own imperfections, weaknesses and moral destitution in his art, with the aim of better understanding himself and society. Inspired by the inequalities he has seen in the world around him — both in his childhood in the USSR and years spent working on Wall Street — the artist captures the essence of those inequalities in his paintings. Working in acrylics, he employs a varied color palette, balancing bright shades with blacks and whites to create a rhythm and sense of motion that bristles with the energy of a heated exchange of ideas. The textures in his paintings are equally diverse. Drips and swirls bump up against geometric patterns, with the physicality of the paint always foregrounded. In addition, his works often cover several painted panels, the image moving from one surface to the next, constantly engaging and challenging the viewer to take an active role.


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